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There is an estimated 70% of homes with mold. This number may be higher in Southeast Alaska.

Mold Testing & Treatment

A closeup of a window corner with black mold seeping in along the wall.

Mold in the home can not only be damaging to the home, but it can also be dangerous to us. Mold spores can cause respiratory issues and allergy symptoms. Our team is equipped with pest control techniques backed by science, over 20 years’ experience, and state of the art tools and products. Alaska Pest Management is ready to help you identify the mold in your home as well as provide protection from future mold issues.

Know your enemy.

Where can I find mold?

Most molds found in the home are a sign of water damage. Mold can be found on walls, in windows, under carpets, or anywhere that could possibly have moisture.

Can my home still have mold if I don't find any sign?

Mold can be in places where you normally wouldn’t be able to see. This is why testing the air in your home is imperative. Air tests can tell you whether or not you need to do more investigation to find the source of the mold.

Is mold dangerous?

Some molds can cause allergy-like symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. But there are some molds, like Stachybotrys, that are more toxic. These types of molds can cause respiratory issues, circulatory issues, dizziness, and more.

How do I know I have mold?

In most cases, you can see the mold on the walls or your floor. Mold is usually dark black or green and splotchy. However, in cases where you can’t see, there are still ways to tell. If you don’t see the mold, but you can smell a musky odor and you experience any symptoms, you may need to get your home tested for mold.

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